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Screen Now

Screen Now

Rapid Self-screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

A very quick way to self-screen if you are at significant risk of sleep apnea is shown below.

This screening tool does not mean you have sleep apnea – only that you are at moderate to high risk of having it. Sleep testing is the only way to truly diagnose sleep apnea.

First – stand in front of a mirror with good lighting and stick your tongue out. How much of your uvula (the little “punching bag” hanging in the back of your throat) do you see?

Think of it as ALL, MOST, SOME, or NONE as seen below.

If you give yourself a 3 or 4, now move to these STOP-BANG questions. For the BMI question, refer to the BMI chart below the questions. Find your height. Do you weigh that much or more? If yes, your BMI is 30 or higher.

____ S – Do you snore?
____ T – Are you tired or experience daytime sleepiness?
____ O – Has anybody observed you stop breathing at night?
____ P – Do you have or take medications for high blood pressure?

____ B – BMI over 30?*
____ A – Age (Are you over 50?)
____ N – Neck size greater than 17” (men) or 16” (women)
____ G – Gender (Are you male?)

If you have a Class III or Class IV (Mallampati score), and answered yes to either 1 STOP or 2 BANG , you should be evaluated and sleep tested for obstructive sleep apnea.