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FDA recalls InSpire due malfunctioning electronics requiring additional surgery.

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We Can Successfully Treat Your Sleep Apnea Without Surgery and Without the Burden of a CPAP Machine.

Sleep is critical to physical well-being and plays a key role in physical and mental health.The quality of sleep a person sustains on a regular basis is just as important as the quantity and contributes to a person’s health and well-being.

Our Process


We examine you to determine your precise anatomy and circumstances.


No two anatomies are the same, and the best solution will be one that is customized for you.


Say goodbye to being tethered to cumbersome, invasive, noisy machines.

Have you been Dreaming of a way to sleep without your CPAP Machine?

“It’s not one device for everyone, but rather the right treatment based on your anatomy and circumstances.”

~ Dr. Terry M. Gordon,


The CPAP Option is Not Always the Best Option.

Obstructive sleep apnea is most often and routinely treated with a CPAP machine. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a traditional medical treatment. 

However, it’s not always the best solution for sleep apnea. Dr. Gordon thoroughly examines each patient and does not make  a “blanket” recommendation for treatment. 

There are CPAP alternatives available that may be more suitable, and far less intrusive and complicated. Dr Gordon works closely with your insurance company to minimize your out of pocket expense. 

Has Dr. Gordon recommended SlumberBump for you?

Latest Sleep Information & Research

In this article, talks about just how much sleep a body needs to stay healthy and vibrant.

You will always see the Doctor

Funny, but these days, going to the doctor usually means seeing everybody else except the doctor – and if you’re lucky enough to actually talk with the doctor, rather than only wave to them down the hall, it’s only for a brief few minutes. You have questions and concerns but they’re just too busy for you.

At the Pennsylvania Center for Dental Sleep Medicine, you will always see the doctor. Every single visit. We’re here for you and we’re always happy to answer your questions and hear your concerns about sleep or any other health issue.

Looking for a CPAP Alternative.

Our Sleepers Speak

“It was fantastic and felt good to know I have the option for this device. They were very pleasant to talk to and gave detailed information. It was a great experience!”

“Very Personable and Educated Dr. Gordon and his team were great! They are well educated in the different sleep apnea treatments available and recommend positive treatment for you. I highly recommend their services if you are looking for an alternative to your condition, treatment, or machine.”

“Caring, skilled, expertise by everyone gives me confidence that my sleep issues will finally be resolved. I was very impressed with the time and attention I was given. The entire process was thoroughly explained. The sleep information was very enlightening. I felt so comfortable with the team here.”